Issue 15

Issue 15

Issue 15

With one foot in Europe and another foot in Asia, Istanbul is one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world. From crossing the Golden Horn by foot on the Galata bridge, to seeing the beautiful silhouette of the Ottoman mosques; from sampling the mouth-watering street food to shopping the local artisan goods; from identifying the aroma of spices in the markets to exploring the labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar.

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The Magellan Sutera Resort: Enjoy the sunset view

A vacation in Kota Kinabalu with a breathtaking sunset view.

The LUMA Hotel: Home away from home

Sabah is known for its lush rainforests and abundant nature, and it’s first…

Fish Market Restaurant: Taste the natural delicacy of seafood

Magicians never divulge their tricks, but Alan Voo, the founder of Fish…

21grams: Food for the soul

What does it mean by 21 grams? There is a popular saying…

Switzerland: Bern

The Swiss capital city is largely overlooked by tourists, and brims with…

Switzerland: Mürren

Mürren is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland and often overlooked…

Switzerland: Ticino

Being the only one south of the Alps and with Italian as…

The Mysterious Kii Peninsula

Take a tour through the Kumano Kodo to experience the pilgrimage routes…

Wildlife Experience in Australia

Wherever you are in Australia, there are always opportunities to spot the…

The Ultimate Kota Kinabalu Food Trip

The abundance and variety of delicious food in Kota Kinabalu will make…

6 Reasons to Fly with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has long held the prestigious title of flying to more…

Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus, Istanbul

Like a diamond adorning the Bosphorus Strait, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which…

Falling in Love with Istanbul: Chapter 3

The streets of Istanbul are full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Falling in Love with Istanbul: Chapter 2

Taking a walk in Istanbul is like taking a walk in history,…

BOL: Asian Re-imagined

BOL strives to rock the palates with eclectic rich flavours of Peranakan…

The Macallan In Harmony with Nature and Chocolate

The Macallan’s new, limited “The Harmony Collection” brings together the worlds of chocolate and…

Beat Your Limits

Living in Taiwan for 5 years, Matt Moss from Malaysia cycled around…

Cycling in Taiwan

From its rich and storied past and vibrant present of cycling manufacturing,…

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