Wildlife Experience in Australia

Wildlife Experience in Australia

Text by: Joshua Pang / Photos Courtesy of Australia Tourism Board - 11 October 2022

Wherever you are in Australia, there are always opportunities to spot the Australian wildlife creatures in the wild, and even have up-close encounters with them.

Spicers Peak Lodge ©Tourism & Events Queensland Spicers Peak Lodge ©Tourism & Events Queensland

Home to the platypus 

It’s rare to spot a platypus in the wild, but if you want to maximise your chances, check in to Spicers Peaek Lodge and wander through Peak Station Nature Reserve, where two freshwater creeks converge and are home to the Spicers platypus. 

Whale watching ©Pacific Whale Foundation Eco Adventures AustraliaPacific Whale ©Pacific Whale Foundation Eco Adventures Australia

Close encounters with the whales

Every year between May and November, some 35,000 humpback whales steam up and down the east coast of Australia from Antarctica; another 45,000 travel along the west coast. Guests visiting the Pacific Whale Foundation Eco-Adventures Australia in Hervey Bay, Queensland, the world’s first declared Whale Heritage Site can expect some close encounters with the whales. 

4WD Aboriginal Daintree Cooktown Bama Dreamtime Tour ©Cooktown Daintree Bama Dreamtime4WD Aboriginal Daintree Cooktown Bama Dreamtime Tour ©Cooktown Daintree Bama Dreamtime

See nature through Indigenous eyes

Australia’s Aboriginal communities have learnt from the land for more than 65,000 years. It’s fair to say we have a lot to study from Indigenous cultures about different ecosystems, and the animals that call them home. Nature works to its own calendar and rhythms, as you’ll learn from the Aboriginal guides on Culture Connect’s three-day 4WD Aboriginal Daintree Cooktown Bama Dreamtime tour.

The cultural heritage sites of ancient piles of shells, stone artefacts, charcoal, ochre, and animal bones you pass along the coast are like an early form of conservation. Clans would leave them behind to let the next visitors know what had been eaten, and to be avoided for the rest of the season, to preserve various species. 

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