Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

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Text by: Teoh Yee Seong / Photograph by: Ling Doh Kin / Special thanks: Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Four Seasons Hong Kong - 24 June 2023

The Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong is a luxurious space where you can gather with friends and family, while enjoying incomparable sea views. Spending time with Four Seasons is the best way to experience Hong Kong.

No need for too many words to describe the luxurious facilities, as most rooms offer a 180-degree view of Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon Peninsula coastline. Enjoy the view with your eyes and slowly feel it in your heart.

People who have stayed here and enjoyed their stay can attest to the comfort and the feeling of well-being that the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong provides. Some even describe it as a life-long regret if they never get to stay at Four Seasons in the Pearl of the Orient.

During my two nights there, I was surrounded by an environment that exceeded my expectations coupled with the excellent service that made every moment a delightful experience. From the moment I arrived until I opened the door to my room, I was constantly surprised. Looking outside through the floor-to-ceiling windows, I could see the beautiful Victoria Harbour-Four Seasons at that moment embodied luxury and perfection.

As you enter the hotel, what meets your eye is a spacious and comfortable atmosphere. Walking into the room, you immediately see the blue sky and white clouds outside the large glass window, along with a soothing ocean view that calms the heart.

Located in the prime area of Central, the hotel is adjacent to the famous Star Ferry, making it convenient for both business and leisure.

The hotel’s rooms are exceptional in terms of service and comfort. The newly designed rooms combine modern and traditional elements, reflecting Hong Kong’s multi-cultural influences and unique history. The design concept blends classic details with chic furnishings, creating an elegant and modern atmosphere.

On the table, there are crispy dried hibiscus flowers, smooth and not-too-sweet milk tea, and fragrant pineapple cakes as snacks for guests to enjoy and taste.The self-service breakfast at Argo is very comfortable, with delicious food and a wide selection of beverages. Especially, The various Western pastries are especially delicious.

The rooms are decorated with traditional Chinese landscape paintings and patterns, creating a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The use of advanced home technology, such as lighting control systems, showcases the classic culture while delivering personalized experiences for the future. The integration of Chinese architectural elements and innovative technology captures the essence of Hong Kong culture and history.

The spacious rooms and expansive views, coupled with the legendary comfortable beds, ensure a restful and rejuvenating stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

The Gallery Afternoon Tea Set

The Gallery

The Gallery, located in the lobby of the hotel, serves an Afternoon Tea Set that is a must-try after a satisfying breakfast.

Aside from the desserts, what I love the most is their high-quality classic tea. Whether hot or cold, they’re perfect for refreshing the mind and body on a hot afternoon. The Four Seasons Hotel collaborates with Omotesando Koffee and the YU Tea House, two boutique coffee and tea brands from Tokyo to offer guests a selection of hand-brewed Japanese coffee and a variety of Chinese teas.

The savoury and sweet items on the menu change seasonally, and they are all delicious and not too heavy. I especially love their classic scones, which are served with homemade jam that is impossible to resist.

The menu for the Four Seasons Hotel’s Afternoon Tea Set includes both savoury and sweet items. The savoury options are fig and foie gras tart, baked BBQ pork bun, and golden-fried shrimp dumplings. The sweet options include Italian lemon and vanilla panna cotta, chocolate tart, green apple and almond cake, sweet potato cake, spice red wine mixed berry Madagascar vanilla cream puffs, extra-rich crispy chocolate cake, and osmanthus scones with homemade green lemon leaf mango jam and English cream.

Argo Bar

Argo Bar

Argo Bar is a popular bar that ranks 28th in the Top 50 bars in the world and is one of the top three bars in Asia. It has a star-level mixologist, Federico Balzarini, as the bar manager, which adds to its reputation.

Argo is named after a legendary Greek mythological adventure ship, and it is also the name of the Four Seasons Hotel’s bar, implying a passion and excitement for alcohol. The bar’s streamlined design and mirror decorations create a sense of space, and the multi-layered large cylindrical structure in the centre of the bar showcases a rich collection of over 50 types of liquors, with half of them being first introduced to Hong Kong.

The cocktail menu at Argo is unique and each drink is meticulously crafted to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Many of the inspirations for the drinks come from local Hong Kong culture and Japanese influences. In addition, Argo has collaborated with the Australian Never Never Distilling Co. to create their own gin. The gin is based on London Dry Gin, with the unique addition of two types of green tea and one type of oolong tea during dilution, creating a fragrant and smooth drink.

Argo, the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong’s cocktail bar, offers creative and distinctive cocktails. The Argo Martini is a mix of the signature Argo Gin and seasonal flavoured water.

Overall, Argo Bar is a must-visit destination for those who appreciate high-quality cocktails and a sophisticated atmosphere.

The streamlined design and mirrored decor add a sense of space, allowing you to enjoy the Victoria Harbour view. It is one of the top bars to visit in the city.

The cylindrical display in the centre of the bar showcases a rich collection of liquors, with over 50 different types, half of which are first introduced to Hong Kong.

The streamlined architecture, mirrored decor, and floor-to-ceiling windows all add a touch of luxury to the comfortable space.

The multi-layered cylindrical liquor shelf in the centre bar also showcases a rich collection of over 50 different types of liquors, half of which are first-time introductions to the collection in Hong Kong.

The Lounge Breakfast SetsThe Lounge Breakfast Sets

The lounge

At The Lounge, you can choose from a variety of breakfast sets. Options include soy sauce stir-fried silver sprout noodles, beef congee, smooth chicken congee, fresh fish congee, or seafood congee, along with a dim sum platter and freshly squeezed juice of your choice.


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