OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka by Hoshino Resorts

OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka by Hoshino Resorts

Feel the charm of culture

Text by: Fabian Ooi / Photos by: Ling Doh Kin / Photos courtesy of Hoshino Resorts - 17 April 2024

OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka opened on January 7, 2022, located in Minato Ward, Tokyo, and is known for sharing the history and cultural charm of the Akasaka district. Akasaka was once, back in the Edo period, an area with many samurai residences, and now it is a convenient, prime location in Tokyo with high-end Japanese restaurants. Nestled amongst the buildings of major corporations, nearby sights include the Akasaka Palace and Imperial Residence, adding lush greenery to the sight. Moreover, its charms include the freedom to enjoy a night out or morning walks for a fresh start in just one area! Experience a compact and functional hotel stay to enjoy the different aspects of Akasaka.

Nearby Attractions © Hoshino ResortsNearby Attractions © Hoshino Resorts

Characteristic 1: 
Go-KINJO services – Deep dive to discover the city of Akasaka 

KINJO means neighbourhood in Japanese. Join a tour led by the unique OMO Rangers, who will show you the town’s hottest spots and one-of-a-kind areas that only the locals know. Witness the different aspects of Akasaka through this walk, where history, politics, business, food, entertainment, and more intersect.

Nearby Restaurant YONAYONA BEER WORKS © Hoshino Resorts

Go-KINJO MAP – Covering the latest, local information of the city

The Go-KINJO Map is the original map of the neighbourhood covering the basics as well as hidden stores and restaurants, researched and recommended by hotel staff. Guests can find out which shrine is most popular by locals, the must-see sights, long-established stores and Japanese restaurants can all be discovered through the map.

Nearby Restaurants UESHIMA COFFEE HOUSE © Hoshino Resorts

Characteristic 2:
Special collaborations with the locals

In collaboration with local practitioners from three major schools of Japanese ikebana (flower arrangement), OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka has prepared flower vessels and dried flowers to provide guests with a rich and colourful stay. This Flower Stay activity allows guests to select their favourite flower arrangements to adorn their rooms and create their own special space. 

In collaboration with nearby restaurants, special menus were created specifically for the guests staying at OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka. In the morning, a scrambled egg sandwich with a side of red sea bream broth can be ordered at the Ueshima Coffee Shop on the first floor.

Guest Room © Hoshino Resorts

Characteristic 3: 
Guest rooms to choose based on the purpose of travel

Several types of guest rooms are available so that guests can choose the room that best suits them according to the purpose of their trip and who they are traveling with. For example, the double room is equipped with a 160cm wide double bed and the twin room has a sofa to lounge with friends and family. 

Guest Room © Hoshino ResortsOMO3 Tokyo Akasaka

OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka by Hoshino Resorts
Address: 4-3-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.


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