Let’s Go Travel to SIRAYA

Let’s Go Travel to SIRAYA

Text by: Fabian Ooi / Photos Courtesy of 西拉雅国家风景区管理处 - 02 January 2024

Zengwen Reservoir 曾文水库

Siraya  serves as an essential path for tracing the local customs, rooted in the history of Formosa 400 years ago. Beyond its magnificent hidden gems and scenic areas, the “Great Siraya Tourism Circle” spanning Tainan City and Chiayi County offers a unique blend of experiences. Here, you can indulge in world-class mud hot springs, explore the rich cultural flavours of Jingliao Old Street, enjoy eagle-watching at the Zengwen Reservoir, immerse yourself in the charm of the red-brick cat in the Shanhua Sugar Factory Park, and visit well-preserved Japanese-era water channels.

Zengwen Reservoir 曾文水库

Zengwen Reservoir 曾文水库Zengwen Reservoir 曾文水库

Zengwen Reservoir

As Taiwan’s largest reservoir, Zengwen serves various functions, including power generation, flood control, and tourism. The breathtaking scenery of mountains and lakes makes it a serene retreat. Take a leisurely boat tour for a closer look at the reservoir’s ecology and landscapes, featuring unique spots like the Wild Boar Island, the only legal fishing platform on a reservoir in Taiwan, and the Eagle Gorge for close-up views of eagles and other rare birds and animals.

Mountain Garden Aqueduct Museum 山上花园水道博物馆Mountain Garden Aqueduct Museum 山上花园水道博物馆

Mountain Garden Aqueduct Museum

Recognised as a world-important civil engineering heritage, this site, originally the Tainan Waterworks, was constructed from 1912 to 1982. After a decade-long restoration starting in 2011, the Mountain Garden Aqueduct Museum opened in 2019, combining cultural and ecological leisure education in its museum and clear water pool areas.

Jingliao Old Street 菁寮老街Jingliao Old Street 菁寮老街

Jingliao Old Street

Popularised by the Taiwanese drama “Sour Sweetness,” starring acclaimed actress Xie Yingxuan, Jingliao Old Street has become a tourist hotspot. Whether you’re a fan or not, you’ll find joy in exploring this nostalgic street with its unique charm. 

Red Brick Cat 红瓦猫Red Brick Cat 红瓦猫

Red Brick Cat

Dedicated to promoting environmental aesthetics, non-toxic living, and recycled art, the “Red Brick Cat Regeneration Aesthetic Experience Space” utilises recycled materials and plants native Taiwanese trees. It’s a toxin-free, environmentally friendly humanistic and ecological park. Featuring numerous artistic creations, it invites you into the realm of lifestyle aesthetics. Additionally, you can partake in betel nut dyeing activities, engaging in the joy of DIY fabric dyeing.

Shen Yuan and Water Goodness Sugar Cultural Park 

Shen Yuan and Water Goodness Sugar Cultural Park 
深缘及水善糖文化园区Shen Yuan and Water Goodness Sugar Cultural Park 

Shen Yuan and Water Goodness Sugar Cultural Park

Established in 1904, the Shanhua Sugar Factory, situated in Shanhua District, Tainan, is one of the two remaining sugar factories in Taiwan. The park is shaded by trees and offers a tranquil environment. Within the Shen Yuan and Water Cultural Park, you’ll find the Shen Yuan and Water brand, along with attractions like the Guangwen Hall, Nanting Qu Shui Liu Shang, the Train Station Park, and more. Don’t miss the popular “Teacup Drifting River Experience,” a picturesque activity associated with the ancient game of Qu Shui Liu Shang, accompanied by tea and pastries.

Guanziling King’s Garden Villa 景大渡假庄园Guanziling King’s Garden Villa 景大渡假庄园

Guanziling King’s Garden Villa

Ranked among the world’s top three mud hot springs, King’s Garden Villa located in Guanziling, Tainan, is a 4,000-ping sanctuary offering 800 pings of water therapy and health-oriented spas. With a European-style design, it features mud hot springs, cold springs, herbal steam rooms, far-infrared ovens, foot baths, and premium facilities. Step into this tranquil estate, blend with the vast natural surroundings, and enjoy a soothing break from the urban hustle.

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