Savouring Freshness: Yanyu Restaurant

Savouring Freshness: Yanyu Restaurant

The flavours of Xiamen

Text by: Kaze Lee / Photos by: Caxton Chow / Special thanks: Horizon Holidays, 厦门中天假日国际旅行社有限公司 - 17 May 2024

Freshness, umami, the fifth taste beyond sweet, sour, bitter, and salty is present in all fresh ingredients, such as foie gras, truffles, caviar, fresh seafood, as well as common vegetables like mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and corn.

Freshness, a palate filled with a taste map, from Xiamen to Nanjing, Chaozhou, and Zhangzhou, experiencing the flavours from rivers, lakes, and plains, akin to exploring the culinary heritage of Minnan cuisine.

Dubbed as the “Fujian Ceiling”, Yanyu Restaurant is an encounter of stunning flavours.

Located in Xiamen’s Wanda Plaza Shopping Center, Yanyu exudes a refined elegance, akin to a graceful Shanghai lady. Both its cuisine and ambiance blend Eastern and Western elements, adding a touch of elegance to the dining experience. The main colour scheme of the restaurant, peacock green paired with wood tones, expresses the restaurant’s sincerity through earthy hues.

They source premium ingredients from local and nearby areas to create dishes that are rich in Minnan flavours but elevated in taste and culinary techniques. Each dish offers a supreme indulgence for the senses, providing visual, gustatory, and olfactory delights.

原创葱油焗荔浦芋头 Original Stewed Lipu Taro with scallion oil

The original scallion oil-braised Li Pu taro, which won the 2024 Black Pearl Award, is a pioneering dish of Yanyu Li Pu taro, a specialty of Guangxi which is known for its large size and was historically a tribute during the Ming Dynasty. Only the best middle section of the taro is selected, slow-cooked over low heat, and drizzled with scallion oil. With its dense texture and meaty flavour, it offers a delightful blend of taro and meat.

招牌闽南卤面 Signature Minnan Braised Noodles客家盐酒鸡 Hakka-style Salt Wine Chicken

Their signature Minnan braised noodles, made by simmering shrimp heads and fresh shrimp until the soup turns orange-red, are a feast for the eyes. The sweet and savoury braising sauce complements the Taiwanese Guanmiao noodles perfectly. Topped with a handful of dried sakura shrimp, it promises to deliver a burst of freshness in every bite.

The Hakka salted wine chicken, which combines freshness, tenderness, and fragrance in one dish, uses He Tian chicken, one of the world’s top five chickens, as its main ingredient. Raised in the natural environment of Longyan Hetian Town, these chickens have just the right amount of fat. Marinated with Hakka rice wine and salt and garnished with cordyceps flowers, the clear and sweet broth and tender meat make for a delightful dish.

厦门五香卷 Xiamen Ngoh Hiang/5 Spice Roll脆皮爆汁乳鸽 Crispy Pigeon

The Crispy Pigeon is another star dish of Yanyu Marinated and cooked to perfection, one bite reveals an explosion of flavours! The crispy skin and tender meat, combined with the flowing juice, create an irresistible sensation.

Also worth mentioning is the seemingly inconspicuous stone plate roasted pork, a classic dish of Yanyu. Made with pork neck and onions, this old dish may not be representative, but its popularity is undeniable, earning it a permanent spot on the menu.

石盘烤爽肉 Grilled Pork on Stone Plate鹭岛沙茶海鲜锅 Ludao Shacha Seafood Hot Pot

Zhangpu’s Headwater Seaweed is harvested around mid- November each year. The first harvest of seaweed is called Headwater Seaweed. Rich in various life-active substances, it boasts a particularly fresh and delicious flavour. Paired with hand- caught large tubes from Dongshan Island, each bite is a gift from the ocean.

头水紫菜蒸东山手钓大管 Steamed Headwater Seaweed and Dongshan squid明式捞汁油蛤 Ming-style Clams in Soy Sauce

Yanyu Restaurant
Address: 3-27, CR Center Wanda Plaza, No. 99 Hubin East Road, Siming District, Xiamen.


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