STARLUX Airlines A350 Creates a Fashionable Showcase Displaying the Trendiest Flying Attitude

Text by: Fabian Ooi / Photos Courtesy of STARLUX Airlines - 25 January 2024

Embark on an airborne fashion show! Board the STARLUX Airlines A350, the epitome of avant-garde wide-body aircraft! The STARLUX Airlines A350 is the only aircraft in Taiwan equipped with individual sliding-door spaces in both first class and business class. It features 4 first-class seats, 26 business-class seats, 36 premium economy seats, and 240 economy seats, totaling 306 seats. As the first evolved A350 in the Asia-Pacific region by Airbus, the cabin has increased in width by 4 inches, providing a more spacious and comfortable seating environment.

A350 first-class cabin 头等舱
A350 first-class cabin 头等舱

Designed by BMW Designworks, the cabin interior not only maintains the elegant and cozy “Home in the air” concept but also incorporates numerous innovative designs, significantly elevating the overall sense of luxury. The STARLUX Airlines A350 is the world’s first aircraft to feature dynamic welcome panels, portraying the elegant unfolding of leaves with a gentle ambient light. Additionally, exclusive ambient lighting is created for festive atmospheres during the Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Christmas.

The first-class cabin offers passengers a luxurious private cabin space with rose gold and diamond-patterned elements throughout, from seats to interior walls. Each cabin is equipped with a 60-inch fully enclosed sliding door, dedicated storage and wardrobe, Mini Bar, and wireless charging station. The ultra-spacious fully flat electric seats allow passengers to enjoy a restful sleep, featuring a Zero G mode simulating the most relaxing zero-gravity posture, a three-stage lumbar air pressure massage, and four-way adjustable armrests for enhanced comfort.

A350 business-class cabin 商务舱A350 business-class cabin 商务舱

The business-class cabin boasts superior textures and privacy, featuring a calm and radiant shale cabin with warm fabric seat covers. Each cabin is equipped with a 48.5-inch fully enclosed sliding door, dedicated storage, and wireless charging station. Passengers can also enjoy fully flat recline, Zero G, and three-stage lumbar air pressure massage. It provides a serene and stress-free experience in the personalized space.

STARLUX Airlines A350’s in-flight entertainment system has been significantly upgraded with 4K high-resolution screens throughout the aircraft, allowing passengers to connect their Bluetooth devices for a personalized audio experience. 

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FPM mini suitcase overnight bag 迷你行李箱过夜包

STARLUX Airlines’ Brand New Service Amenities
Leading the High-altitude Home Fashion Trend

STARLUX Airlines’ newly evolved in-flight amenities aim to provide a high-quality flying experience with a sense of home comfort. The first-class cabin collaborates with the renowned Italian luggage brand FPM “Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano.” It introduces an exclusive mini suitcase overnight bag, paired with the Rituals “The Ritual of Jing 静“series grooming set from the Netherlands, symbolizing tranquility and serenity.

The business-class cabin continues the luxurious experience with a classic design from the renowned Italian brand BRIC’S. It offers a mini version of a hard-shell suitcase overnight bag, accompanied by the HUYGENS grooming set from the favorite French essential oil fragrance brand, bringing a relaxed and pleasant experience to passengers. The premium economy cabin provides the iconic Samsonite RED series soft overnight bag in earthy tones, paired with the Swedish beauty brand IDUN for a light and comfortable high-altitude experience. 

BRIC mini version overnight bag 迷你版硬壳行李箱过夜包
Samsonite RED series soft overnight bag 系列软式过夜包

To enhance the comfort of long-haul flights, STARLUX Airlines introduces new blankets and loungewear. The first-class cabin offers an exclusive Loro Piana collaboration blanket, setting a new standard for luxurious in-flight sleep. The business class introduces a dual-sided blanket made from 100% recycled PET bottles, certified by the GRS global recycling standard. The soothing gray-colored short plush provides a soft touch to the skin. The premium economy class also provides a specially crafted dual-sided blanket with different textures.

STARLUX Airlines’ first-class, focusing on a boutique luxury experience, collaborates with the leading name in audio-visuals, SONY. It selects the powerful wireless Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones WH-1000XM5 to create exclusive in-flight headphones for Starlux, allowing passengers to enjoy an immersive audio experience at 30,000 feet.

SONY noise-canceling headphones 抗噪耳机, Loro Piana collaboration blanket 专属盖毯

Stellar Choices with STARLUX
STARLUX Airlines Sets Course for Second North American Destination

Following its presence in Los Angeles, STARLUX Airlines officially announced on December 16th that it will commence flights to its second North American destination – San Francisco. Initially, there will be three flights per week, increasing to daily flights starting at the end of 20th March next year.

STARLUX Airlines CEO, Zhai Jianhua, stated that San Francisco is the second most densely populated city in the United States, following only New York. Proximity to the technological hub of Silicon Valley makes it a crucial political and economic center in the American West, generating significant demand for international business travel. With one-third of its population being of Asian descent due to historical connections, the introduction of the San Francisco route by STARLUX Airlines will cater to the travel needs of passengers commuting between Northern California and Asia, further enhancing the airline’s network.

Collaboration with Alaska Airlines

After the successful launch of the Taipei to Los Angeles route, STARLUX Airlines announced Alaska Airlines (AS) as its inaugural aviation partner. Through this partnership, passengers can seamlessly connect STARLUX Airlines’ Los Angeles and San Francisco routes via Alaska Airlines’ North American network, facilitating swift travel to Taipei or further connecting to STARLUX Airlines’ 16 Asian routes. Meanwhile, Asian passengers can take advantage of STARLUX Airlines’ flights via Taipei to reach Los Angeles and San Francisco, connecting onward with Alaska Airlines to various destinations across North America.

As STARLUX Airlines continues to expand its footprint in Asia and North America, it is poised to meet the diverse needs of students, business travelers, family visits, and tourists, rapidly increasing its membership and passenger numbers.

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