Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West

Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West

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Text by: Teoh Yee Seong / Photograph by: Ling Doh Kin / Special thanks: Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West - 28 June 2023

Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West is located in a prime location in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. This 5-star high-quality accommodation consists of two buildings, one tall and one short, with 80 and 44 floors respectively. The two buildings are connected by a glass bridge, where guests can transfer between the two buildings using elevators on the 44th floor. According to legend, this unique construction was designed by the founder, Nina Wang, as a tribute to her husband, Teddy Wang. The tall building represents Nina, the short building represents her husband, and the glass bridge connecting them symbolizes their love for each other.

Upon waking up, guests can enjoy a stunning view of the city or Victoria Harbour.Please join us in caring for the environment.”

Apart from providing guests with comfortable accommodation, Nina Hotel also offers facilities like a fitness centre, restaurant, and indoor swimming pool. Café Circles serves a variety of international and Asian dishes throughout the day, with the international buffet being particularly popular. Nina Patisserie, a brand-new pastry brand created by the Nina Hotel Group, offers a range of classic sweets and pastries that can be seen in the hotel lobby.

One restaurant that stands out is “如” Rú, which combines the essence of traditional Cantonese cuisine with modern elegance. The restaurant’s design creates a warm dining atmosphere, and the attentive service makes for a delightful dining experience.

The view from the room is picturesque and feels like a dream, all within the “Nina” hotel.

Beyond preserving the rich culture of Cantonese cuisine, “如” Rú also offers dishes that will satisfy your taste buds.

“如” Rú Restaurant

“如” Rú, is a name that I like, as it signifies “like” or “as”, and also reminds me of “initial” or “original”. The restaurant is located in the Nina Hotel in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, and its name is simply the one-character Chinese word “Rú”. The food here is not only delicious but also presented in an elegant and refined manner.

The supreme honey-glazed BBQ pork, tomato with preserved plum, and truffle honey stuffed chicken wings are just some of the dishes available (must be pre-ordered 24 hours in advance).The baked South African abalone puff

The newly renovated “如” restaurant has reinterpreted classic Cantonese cuisine in a modern and stylish way. The supreme honey-glazed BBQ pork, tomato with preserved plum, and truffle honey stuffed chicken wings are just the first dishes that the chef has prepared. Each dish is presented in a refined and tempting manner, with the honey-glazed BBQ pork, tomato, and chicken wings providing a complex and delicious taste, while the truffle flavour adds a subtle and sophisticated touch.

The baked South African abalone puff is another standout dish, with the crispy pastry shell enveloping the tender and flavourful abalone, served with a rich and savoury abalone sauce. The coconut milk and bird’s nest soup with golden dumplings is also a treat, with the tofu dumplings shaped like blooming flowers and the aroma of coconut adding a refreshing touch.

Double-boiled Chicken Broth in Coconut

The Hong Kong-style ginger and scallion flower gum soup is a classic dish that is both traditional and modern. The soft and chewy flower gum has a delicate texture that is a characteristic of Cantonese cuisine. The aged tangerine peel and Italian balsamic vinegar pork rib is another dish that showcases the chef’s creativity, as the combination of these two ingredients results in a unique and delicious flavour.

Stir-fried Spare Ribs with Aged Tangerine Peel and Balsamic VinegarFried Rice with Sakura Shrimps in Yangzhou Style

The stir-fried Yangzhou fried rice with sakura shrimp is a simple yet satisfying dish, with the translucent and distinct rice grains and the addition of the sakura shrimp evoking the feeling of spring.

After enjoying a satisfying meal, it’s time for dessert. The egg white and almond tea with sesame rolls is a classic Cantonese dessert that is rich and flavourful, with the almond tea being a specialty of the region. The black and white sesame rolls are also a rare treat, and the combination of flavours is reminiscent of the complex emotions in a romantic encounter, like the ones portrayed in a Wong Kar-wai film.


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