Initium Watchmaking Workshop

Initium Watchmaking Workshop

Make Your Own Swiss Watch

Text: Desmund Teh Photos: Qing; Courtesy of The Switzerland Tourism Board, Swiss Travel System - 07 August 2019

The watchmaker's art is a closely-guarded secret but visitors can get to know the fascinating world of mechanical watchmaking with Initium. 

Initium gives visitors a peek into the world of mechanical timepieces, revealing an ancestral skill which over the centuries has become synonymous with an entire region and an entire country.

Sitting at a bench, with screwdriver and tweezers in hand like a professional horologist and guided by a master watchmaker; learning about self-winding mechanical movement and assembling its many different components; witnessing the beating heart of the watch you have just assembled come to life – is one thrill of an experience.

Initium runs workshops in Geneva, the world capital of luxury watchmaking, as well as in Le Noirmont, land of the first Swiss "farmer-watchmakers".


Initium runs introductory classes on the fundamental techniques of watchmaking suitable for all levels. From an initiation to watchmaking where apprentice watchmakers handle and partly assemble a mechanical movement, to a full package where they take apart and then reassemble the movement, fit the case, dial and hands, and carry out the final inspection.

Apprentice watchmakers may choose between a three-hour, half-day or full-day class package depending on need.

For information and bookings

For further information and examples of possible watches, you may visit their website at or contact or +41 32 953 10 87.


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