Enjoy the Heart of Miaoli

Enjoy the Heart of Miaoli

30 November 2018

Located between Taichung International Airport and Taoyuan International Airport, Miaoli county can be easily accessed through the different modes of transportation. 

Tung Tree Flower Festival

Local Hakka cuisineFlying Cow Ranch

The annual Tung Tree Flower Festival, wood carvings, hot springs, famous local products, pottery, Hakka cuisine, etc. are part of the rich and diverse culture of Miaoli that attracts visitors from the international and domestic travel scenes.

Zhuo Ye Cottage Indigo dyeing and weavingZhuo Ye Cottage Indigo dyeing and weaving

Fascinating fire flies in spring

Apart from all, The Sanyi and Nanzhuang Township of Miaoli were both awarded the “Certificate of International Slow City” in 2016, becoming the only county in the city to receive a “Double Slow City” certification. 

Longteng Bridge in Sanyi Township

On top of that, "Taiwan's First Railway Bicycle", which promises an environmental friendly mode of traveling with its low level of carbon emission allows visitors to leisurely experience and fall in love with the beauty of Sanyi City through the exploration of the old mountainous range which oversees the city centre. 

Railway Bicycle


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