Redefining Omakase Excellence

Text by: Fabian Ooi / Photos Courtesy of Sushi Shinjiru - 11 January 2024

Sushi Shinjiru continues to be a beacon of excellence in the world of omakase dining. With a team of young, passionate, and adventurous chefs, Sushi Shinjiru夢 proudly serves some of the most authentic and distinctive omakase courses in Kuala Lumpur.

Omakase is a term that is widely used in the Japanese dining scene where patrons entrust the chef with the selection of seasonal specialties and presentation of exceptional cuisines. A chef’s artistic performance on the preparation and serving of an innovative menu is only available at an exclusive omakase house such as Sushi Shinjiru. 

With years of training under celebrated master chefs, the culinary professionals at Sushi Shinjiru are not only experts of the omakase style but also dedicated artists who are passionate in showcasing their phenomenal skills of creating outstanding gastronomical affairs for esteemed guests.

Experience The Four Seasons of Omakase

The seasonal specialties of the four seasons make omakase so intriguing and exciting throughout the year. At Sushi Shinjiru, chefs handpick these ingredients daily to ensure its freshness for the day’s omakase patrons. This summer, Sushi Shiniru will be serving the belfish, a great delicacy that has a flesh with a pleasant texture and interesting aftertaste.

Sake Lounge

Sushi Shinjiru is not only home to extraordinary omakase masterpieces, it is also where sake lovers can delight in Sushi Shinjiru’s collection of nihonshu. The renowned sake of extraordinary flavours that needs no introduction, JUYONDAI, is available at Sushi Shinjiru where you can take your omakase dining experience to a whole new level when you pair this premium sake with each creation served by the chefs at Sushi Shinjiru.

Private & Intimate Dining Space

Sushi Shinjiru’s space is conceptualized to allow different kinds of groups to enjoy omakase together. There are three private rooms and two main sushi counters that are able to host 12-14 person at one time, making it a suitable place for private dinners, small-scaled events, anniversary celebration, and more. This smaller number of diners allows Sushi Shinjiru to focus on the quality of its culinary art forms and intimate experience of dining in an omakase restaurant.

About Sushi Shinjiru

Sushi Shinjiiru is a manifestation that stems from the need to conceive an unforgettable culinary adventure lined with top notch ingredients and cuisines perfected by masters in the art of omakase. With  their chefs at the helm of blending excellence, aesthetics, and flavours into sophisticated works of art, you are bound for an enjoyable and unique omakase fare that will elevate your taste buds and dining experience.

Sushi Shinjiru
Address: No.21, Pusat Perdagangan Salak II Jalan 2/125, Taman Desa Petaling, Desa Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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