Flying with Singapore Airlines to Maldives

Flying with Singapore Airlines to Maldives

Text: Sweezy Tan - 08 September 2021

As one of the world’s most popular beach destinations, more than 1.1 million holiday makers fly into the tiny capital of Maldives every year to visit the archipelago’s sun-kissed, sandy-white specks of paradise. Singapore Airlines offer daily flights to Male, the capital of Maldives.

Situated in the Indian Ocean, The Maldives is a nation of islands comprised of 1192 islands and was well known as honeymoon and world-class diving destination. Only 200 of the islands are inhabited, with a select few atolls used as a resort, and some for agriculture.

The country’s unique geography mesmerizes the visitors. Reefs that offer bands of colour, tiny jewel-like islands rimmed with the whitest of soft sand surrounded by the clearest shallow waters that one can image.

The Maldives is home to about five percent of the planet’s reefs that comes with an explosion of colours contributed by soft and hard corals. The reefs are home to a thousand species of fish. Lured by the rich nutrients that flow in with the currents, large pelagic fishes such as manta rays and whale sharks also make the Maldives their home.The reefs also offer protection to the tiny islands as its natural defense system, and the country’s economy depends heavily on the health of its reefs and ecosystems.

Photo credits: Mohamed Rizhan

Photo credits: Mohamed Rizhan


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