Chin’s Chinese Cuisine: Dine with Style and View

Chin’s Chinese Cuisine: Dine with Style and View

Text: Sweezy Tan Photos: Ash Loh & Courtesy of Chin's Chinese Cuisine - 11 March 2021

Chin’s Chinese Cuisine was first established in London in 1987. After the success of the restaurant, the father-and-son duo, Dave and Sam Chin, set up its branch in their hometown – Penang, in 2010.

Sited on a seafront on Church Street Pier and overlooking the harbour, Chin’s Restaurant is a pioneer of Penang’s fine dining scene. A moon gate door, Mother-of-pearl inlaid rosewood furniture, Andy Warhol Pop Art colours and Yue Minjun’s pastel grins add on to a luxurious yet eclectic ambiance of the restaurant. 

 “Back then in 2010, Penangnites were still not used to dining in fine restaurants. After a decade, we can see that the situation has changed and there are quite a number of fine dining restaurants that have been established,” Sam shared his observation.

Since its establishment, the award-winning Chin’s Restaurant which serves traditional Sichuan and Hunan cuisines, has been receiving a lot of celebrities. With a pork free restaurant status, it becomes a popular and perfect spot to host multicultural guests.

A firm favourite and most popular dish of this restaurant is its signature aromatic crispy duck, with the refined recipe of Chin’s version of the Beijing Duck. Once you taste it, you will not forget that fabulous taste.


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