The Gold List 2020 Best Travel Agent — ABC Holidays

The Gold List 2020 Best Travel Agent — ABC Holidays

Text: Sweezy Tan Photos: Courtesy of ABC Holidays - 01 June 2020

Airlines Booking Centre Sdn Bhd, or simply ABC, first opened her doors on 3 March 1980 by Jennifer Ng, with a simple objective to offer travel services to travellers in this country.

From a primary focused company, it has now grown to a multi-faceted destination management company, with its latest foray into corporate incentive travel. Corporate Incentive Services, or CIS, is poised to be the latest demand where corporations offer their executives the opportunities to travel on work or reward leisure.

Besides, the company also offers a full range of individually tailored services to FIT traveller – Free Independent Traveller. With the help of well-trained knowledgeable and multilingual staff and continual research in the destinations, this is one of few companies in the region that provide in-depth arrangements with excellence for the FIT traveller whether inbound or outbound.


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