New York City As Seen On Screen

New York City As Seen On Screen

Photos: Courtesy of NYC & Company - 09 July 2019

Whether it’s an unplanned holiday trip, an epic clash to save the world, friends experiencing daily life in the five boroughs or anything in between, storytellers in film and television have long chosen New York City as their setting. No matter your favorite genre, a trip to NYC is an opportunity to see where some of these iconic scenes came to life.

For the superhero superfan

Avengers: Grand Central Terminal, 4 Times Square, Chrysler Building, Central Park

Batman: One Liberty Plaza, World Trade Center, New York Stock Exchange, Williamsburg bridges

Spiderman: Times Square, Roosevelt Island, Empire State Building, Ellis Island

Empire State Building

For the sitcom lover

Friends: Mediterranean restaurant The Little Owl, Off-Broadway theaters

How I Met Your Mother:McGee’s, the Midtown Manhattan bar, Columbia University, American Museum of Natural History and Empire State Building

21 Club

For the hopeless romantic

When Harry Met Sally: Café Luxembourg, Washington Square Park

You’ve Got Mail: Café Lalo, Zabar’s, the great local market, Riverside Park

Washington Square Park


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