Taiwan’s Farm Kitchen

Taiwan’s Farm Kitchen

Experience The Taste of Taiwan with Laughter

Text by: Sweezy Tan / Photos courtesy of Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association - 16 October 2019

Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association


Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization under the Civil Organizations Act.

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The taste of Taiwan is derived from a melting pot of ethnic groups, and the secret of local delicacies lies in its native ingredients and diverse cultures. Recently, farm kitchens have been mushrooming in Taiwan with the hope of sharing and preserving  the heritage of Taiwan’s cuisine. 

Chienhu Chuanchi Ecological Farm 千户传奇生态农村

Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association has selected a few farms with its own unique cuisine and culture. From fun farm to table experience, visitors can experience the taste of Taiwan with a personal touch. 

New Taipei City Chienhu Chuanchi Ecological Farm 
Finding Mountain Delicacies 

The owner of this farm will guide you around the fish farm and let you experience the fun of catching fish in the fish farm. Visitors will also have a chance to meet the rare Polydon Spatula also known as the American paddlefish, Feng Shui pond and explore the secrest of caviar. 

Tour Content 
Number of applicants: 4-10 person
Tour duration: 4 hours 
Dishes to learn: Sturgeon and braised pork rice, Okonomiyaki with sturgeon/fruits, Pearl milk tea with brown sugar 

Address: No.154-3, Youmu, Sanxia Dist, New Taipei City 237
Website: http://www.fishfarm.tw 

Sturgeon and braised pork rice 鲟龙鱼卤肉饭

Pearl milk tea with brown sugar 黑糖珍珠奶茶Okonomiyaki with sturgeon/fruits 鲟龙鱼大阪烧

Feng Chun Villa 逢春园度假别墅

Yilan Feng Chun Villa
Mountain Life’s Cooking Experience 

This villa once won the reputation of “Top Ten Happiest Inns” appraised by Tourism Bureau MOTC. Visitors can experience in person the activity of picking Xansing green onions from the verdant and fertile land. 

Tour Content 
Number of applicants: 2- 8 person
Tour duration: 5 hours 
Dishes to learn: Green onion pancake with brown sugar, Sea snail soup and Rice rolls with smocked ducklings.

Address: No.20, Yulan, Datong Township, Yilan County 267
Website: http://www.fengchunvilla.com.tw

Sea snail soup 螺肉蒜汤

Green onion pancake with brown sugar 黑糖葱油饼Rice rolls with smocked ducklings 鸭赏饭团


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