Taiwan: A Safe Place To Stroll and Travel

Taiwan: A Safe Place To Stroll and Travel

Text: Sweezy Tan Photos: Courtesy of Taiwan Tourism Bureau KL Office - 30 November 2020


Due to the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, all international travelling activities were halted. Among all countries fighting the pandemic, Taiwan has been one of the notable successes to fight the Covid-19 crisis so far. This issue, we invited Abe Chou, Taiwan Tourism Bureau KL Office to share his thoughts on Taiwan’s preparation to welcome international travellers back.

“Malaysia is listed as being in the middle low risk country, hence it’s listed in the first batch of countries to enter Taiwan when it re-opens. To protect the safety of local and international travellers, tourism industry operators in Taiwan are planning some new itineraries to adapt to the new normal,” Abe shared this good news.

Taiwan public transport system is well developed and very convenient, suitable for small number of independent travellers. Furthermore, Taiwan’s charming small towns, mountain ranges, hot springs and gourmets are all hidden gems, worth exploring to discover its mesmerising beauty.

“Taiwan and Malaysia are not far apart and have many direct flight options; it’s a perfect overseas short trip destination. Taiwan’s four seasons can offer many assorted experiences to Malaysians. Among some recommended itineraries include enjoying hot spring in winter, and cycling round Taiwan during autumn,” suggested Abe.

Many food lovers come to Taiwan for its acclaimed local delights, with the launch of MICHELIN Guide in Taipei and Taichung, travellers can follow this guide to try the listed restaurants, having diverse culinary choices.


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