Beta KL: The Gold List 2022 - Best Restaurant

Beta KL: The Gold List 2022 - Best Restaurant

A Journey Worth Remembering

Text by: Fabian Ooi / Photos Courtesy of Beta KL - 16 January 2023

Beta KL restaurant is located right in the heart of the city centre near KL Tower and KL Citywalk. It is a representation of the second outlet of the Malaysian-inspired Modern European restaurant, Skillet@163. Beta KL is just a few hundred meters away from its sister restaurant, Skillet@163. Secretly tucked behind a door decked in greenery is this unique fine dining restaurant that highlights Malaysian flavours inside Cormar Suites.

Upon entering the Beta, modern design with Chinese - inspired architecture: a spectacular tower of red, black, and gold apothecary drawers, canisters, and jars rising out of vibrant jade tiles.Raymond Tham is the executive chef, co-founder, and co-owner of three restaurants: Skillet@163, Beta KL, and the newly-opened Burnt & Co.

Beta is conveniently number two in the Greek alphabet (Skillet being alpha, presumably) whereas, in the Malaysian context, BETA is a royal salutation for kings or sultans, which means ‘I’ or ‘me’. That’s the origin of the name inspired from. With Beta KL, we decided to go back to their Malaysian roots, bringing a modern twist to our favorite hawker fare. Head Chef Raymond and his team inspire guests to view locals with a whole new mindset.

A dish inspired by Penang Prawn noddles with the sustainable concept. Prawn roulade with prawn head bisque and sous-vide egg yolk.

Beta KL offers an exciting dining experience with wonderful local ingredients and a beautiful presentation. The menu is pork-free and features culinary influences of journeys shared with four distinct regions of Malaysia demarcated as North, South, East, and West to bring a newly redefined gastronomic experience that embodies the hallmark palates of different states in Malaysia. Beta KL uses various unique elements to take its guests on a tantalizing tour across all corners of Malaysia. 

One of these three ‘regions’ is the waiting area. One can experience the chill and easy-going ambiance.

Featuring guava in 3 ways. Slice, fermented guava granita, clarify guava broth serve with cured strip jack and fermented guava jelly. -Green Chili emulsion for the 0.00% yeast tapioca bread. /
 -Tanjung Malim caviar with local tuna croquette. /
 -Fermented Melaka pineapple skins granita with pineapple salad. / 
 -Pulau Ketam cuttlefish with banana and cocoa sambal.

If you are looking for something truly Malaysian, experience a delectable journey across the country in one wholesome meal Beta KL is the right choice for you. Apart from the dining experience, it has a gorgeous bar for drinking sessions as well. This gorgeous place is perfect for dates, celebrations, and group gatherings.

Frozen version of kuih Loyang from onde-once inspiration. Pandan and coconut with Gula Melaka caramel gel.Miyazaki Wagyu with layered yam and sambal hitam.

The journey begins once you enter Beta. A personable waiter ushered the guests to the waiting area before explaining the menus. The ambiance was chill and easy-going. One of the best starting journey ones can experience. In general, we have two menus that change seasonally- Taste of Beta (6 courses) and Tour of Malaysia (9 courses). We offer a bartender-curated artisan cocktail pairing (three or four drinks) at an additional cost. Similar to the food menu, the cocktail menu also takes on inspiration from the four corners of Malaysia. While seated in the waiting area, we would serve you the first round of snacks. For round two of snacks and up to dessert, you will be led into the dining hall where a dimmer, mysterious ambiance beckoned. From start to finish, you’re treated like royalty with the remarkable hospitality from everyone at the restaurant. The chef himself will also guide you through your courses, detailing the history, sources, and methods used for cooking. 

At the center of these three ‘regions’ are the circular bar and a layered staged drinking space perfect for events and people-watching corners.

Save Beta KL for your next occasion it’s certainly a journey worth remembering.

Beta KL
Address: Cormar Suites, No. 10, Jalan Perak 50450, Kuala Lumpur.
FB: betakualalumpur


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