Phillips Hong Kong Fall Auction of Jewels and Jadeite

Phillips Hong Kong Fall Auction of Jewels and Jadeite

Featuring an Evergreen Collection of Important Stones Including a Rare Green Diamond, Emeralds and Fine Jadeites

16 October 2017

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Phillips is pleased to announce highlights from the Jewels and Jadeite auction this Fall, including the star lot of the sale – a rare intense green diamond. An exceptional collection of green stones is further highlighted by important Colombian emeralds and fine jadeites, offered alongside an array of Burmese rubies, precious gemstones, coloured and colourless diamonds of impeccable quality, as well as iconic pieces of signed vintage and period jewellery. With such a broad array of offerings this season, these are jewels that will appeal to seasoned collectors and influential tastemakers alike. Featuring over 140 lots, the sale is expected to realise in excess of HKD 160 million and will be held on the 27 November 2017 at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. 

Terry Chu, Head of Jewellery, Phillips Asia: “We are incredibly proud to lead the Fall season at Phillips with a rare and important fancy intense green diamond of 5.62 carats. This significant gemstone is an exceptional geological formation prized for its rich, uniform and saturated green body colour, as well as its remarkable size. Over the course of history, only a small number of green diamonds have been unearthed or documented and, as a result, the gem remains elusive from the public eye. In the past decade, increased scholarship, awareness and a rising demand for extraordinarily coloured diamonds have prompted the green diamond’s ascension in popularity. We are confident that this green diamond will have vast appeal to international collectors and are delighted to offer this notable discovery in our auction.” 

Celebrating the Verdant Stones of Nature

Headlining the sale is the cushion-shaped Fancy Intense Green Diamond of 5.62 carats (estimate: HKD 22,000,000 - 26,000,000). While most diamonds with a pure green hue barely exceed 2 carats and often have lower clarity grading, the present diamond weighs close to 6 carats and has a VS clarity. It is a truly exceptional jewel worthy of any gem connoisseur’s acclaim.  

A Rare and Important Fancy Intense Green Diamond, 5.62 carats  (Estimate: HKD 22,000,000 - 26,000,000)A Very Rare and Impressive No-Oil Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring, 19.90 carats (Estimate: HKD 9,000,000 - 12,000,000)

The sale also presents an ensemble of emeralds, one of the three major precious gemstones treasured around the world which has been mined from at least 330 BC. To date, the most prized and valued emeralds have originated from Colombia, as the stones exhibit highly desirable colour and clarity. On offer is a very rare and impressive no-oil Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring of 19.90 carats, possessing the hallmarks of a stone from its origin, it showcases an even and saturated bluish-green colour (estimate: HKD 9,000,000 – 12,000,000). Weighing an astonishing 19.90 carats, the emerald is spared of clarity enhancement whilst boasting excellent natural clarity. The mesmerising hues of green possess shared symbolism across many different cultures, as a signifier of peace, vitality and hope.

An Impressive Pair of Jadeite 'Double-Gourd' and Diamond Earrings/ Pendants (Estimate: HKD 4,500,000 - 5,500,000)A Very Fine Jadeite Bangle (Estimate: HKD 13,500,000 - 17,000,000)

Across Greater China the green glow of jadeite has long been treasured, as it is believed to generate positive energy, with the stone continuing as a mainstay of major collections in modern times. Leading this category is a very fine Jadeite Bangle (estimate: HKD 13,500,000 - 17,000,0000) of excellent proportions, carved with great balance from the highest quality boulder, and with an attractive emerald green colour throughout. Also on offer is an impressive Pair of Jadeite 'Double-Gourd' and Diamond Earrings (estimate: HKD 4,500,000 - 5,500,000), each mounted with a stunning carved jadeite gourd, known as hulu in Chinese, the form is considered a highly auspicious and spiritual object. Despite this traditional motif, the minimalistic design affords a bold contemporary finish, whilst also allowing one to transform each hulu into a pendant. As high-quality jadeite boulders become increasingly scarce, natural jadeite jewellery, particularly that of traditional forms, such as jadeite cabochons and bangles, remain highly desirable to Asian buyers and can be collected as a treasured heirloom to pass down through generations.

Rubies from Burma

Collectors have unanimously hailed rubies mined from the Mogok Valley in Myanmar as the best exemplars of the crimson stone. Often possessing intense colour saturation, vitality and devoid of natural inclusions, unheated Burmese ‘pigeon’s blood’ rubies are highly sought after in the international auction market. Jewels and Jadeite features an important group of refined ruby jewellery, including wearable contemporary pieces of enigmatic design and crafted from exceptional stones.

A Pair of Unheated Burmese Pigeon’s Blood Red Ruby and Diamond Pendent Earrings, 4.16 & 3.63 carats (Estimate: HKD 3,200,000 - 4,000,000) An Exceptional Unheated Burmese Ruby and Diamond Necklace, rubies weighing 56.55 carats (Estimate: HKD 9,500,000 - 13,000,000)An Exquisite and Fine Unheated Burmese Pigeon’s Blood Red Ruby and Diamond Bracelet, rubies totalling 57.42 carats (Estimate: HKD 4,800,000 - 6,000,000)

Vintage and Period Jewellery from across the Ages

As tastes continue to evolve, the collection of vintage jewellery is on the rise across the region and Phillips is delighted to offer a stellar selection this season. Included in the sale is a mid-19th century Antique Diamond Tiara retailed by Garrard & Co. Ltd (estimate: HKD 320,000 - 380,000). Versatile in its construction, the delicate floral garland can also be worn as three separate brooches. As jewellery designed and created during the Art Deco period continues to have great appeal, there are superlative examples from this influential period by the house of Cartier, including an Art Deco Diamond Double-clip Brooch, Cartier London, circa 1930 (estimate: HKD 120,000 - 160,000). A further highlight is an Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet, circa 1925, with each link set with a series of marquise-shaped diamonds, it is emblematic of the exquisite craftsmanship of the period. The fine setting also allows the piece to bend with a softness that matches the elegance of an Art Deco jewel (estimate: HKD 680,000 - 880,000).

An Art Deco Diamond Double-clip Brooch, Cartier London, circa 1930 (Estimate: HKD 120,000 - 160,000) An Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet, Cartier, circa 1925 (Estimate: HKD 680,000 - 880,000)A Very Rare and Superb Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring, 8.09 carats (Estimate: HKD 5,500,000 - 6,300,000)

Coloured Diamonds

In addition to the star lot, the sale also presents “The Golden Drop”, an internally flawless Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring of 8.09 carats (estimate: HKD 5,500,000 - 6,300,000). This arresting diamond displays a rich golden yellow colour, often described as ‘Zimmi’ in the trade. The name is derived from the Zimmi mines located in Sierra Leone of Africa, a region that is renowned for producing the world’s best yellow diamonds. The rarity and quality of these stones have been substantiated by research, stating that stones of ‘Zimmi Yellow’ make up only 0.1% of all natural diamonds. In addition to the captivating colour, this pear-shaped diamond also exhibits a well- proportioned outline rarely seen in fancy diamonds of this size. In the elite world of gems, “The Golden Drop” will have great appeal to collectors around the world.


20th Century & Contemporary Art & Design Evening Sale, 26 November 2017
Jewels and Jadeite, 27 November 2017 
The Hong Kong Watch Auction: Five, 28 November 2017 
Location: Mandarin Oriental, 5 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong 

Asia Preview Tour 

Grand Hyatt, 10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211 4 – 5 November 2017, 11am - 6pm SST 

Bellavita Gallery, B1/F, No. 28, Songren Road, Taipei, Taipei City, Taiwan 110 18 – 19 November 2017, 11am - 6pm CST 

Hong Kong 
Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 1/F & 2/F, 5 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong 23 – 26 November, 10am - 6pm HKT


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