Soothing Garden Scenery in Shimane Prefecture

Soothing Garden Scenery in Shimane Prefecture

Text: Tan Hong Hong Photos credit: JNTO KL Office and Adachi Museum of Art - 14 June 2021

Adachi Museum of Art, located in Yasugi city, is only an hour self-driving distance from Izumo city, Shimane. You can find famous modern Japanese painting and ceramic arts here, as well as Japanese style gardens, some of which has been ranked as the top Japanese Garden in Japan for 18 consecutive years.

There are various gardens in Adachi Museum of Art that offer different charms and unique atmospheres. They are “The Dry Landscape Garden”, “The Moss Garden”, “The White Gravel and Pine Garden” and “The Pond Garden”. Among these, the Dry Landscape Garden and the White Gravel and Pine Garden are the main scenery spots in the museum.

The Dry Landscape Garden (Summer)

The Dry Landscape Garden has 3 huge stones placed on the centre point of the garden in order to form an image of water flowing down from the stones into the large sand pond in front. Other than that, using a technique called “shakkei (borrowed scenery)”, the mountains behind the garden are “borrowed” to create an illusion of a wider garden.

The Living Framed Painting (Autumn)

The White Gravel and Pine Garden is created based on the famous Japanese painters, Taikan Yokoyama’s work called “Hakusha Seisyo (白沙青松)” 。The contrast scenery of white gravel and green pine is impressively beautiful.

The White Gravel and Pine Garden

If you like the soothing atmosphere in Japanese gardens, you must pay a visit to Adachi Museum of Art for this Japan’s top ranked garden scenery. Take in the view of the beautiful garden and taste the famous local desserts, Izumo Zenzai. This is so relieving.

Izumo Zenzai


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